Anthony Joshua Vs Usyk

The highly anticipated heavyweight fight between Oleksandar Usyk and Anthony Joshua, will be taking place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the 20th August 22′. Working for Whisper Films, Executive Producer – Jemma Goba and Director Dominic O’Riordan – Pickled online finished this superbly crafted promotional film.

Rage on the Red Sea

Shot using Panavision B series anamorphic lenses and Sony Venice cameras on location in Saudi Arabia and at various UK locations. The cinematic feature is the vision of Prince Khalid bin Abdulaziz, who wanted to capture the building tension of the fight taking place in the city of Jeddah. Cut by Jack Singer of Stitch Films and graded by The Mill’s Philip Hambi.

Pickled conformed and completed the online in Autodesk’s Flame, providing VFX, with title placement and tweaks – finishing a number of edit lengths from the main 2 minute feature, a 60″, 30″ and 15″ and social aspects.

Rage on the Red Sea, launched globally on the 4th August.


Skill Challenge Entertainment, Exec Producer and Project Manager

Majed Al Essa, 8ies, Creative Director

Whisper, Production

Dominic O’Riordan, Director / Jemma Goba, Executive Producer / Mikhaela Visser, Production Coordinator / Amy Saunders, Post Producer / Thomas Hole, DOP / Jack Singer, Editor / Kirsty Oldfield, Edit Producer / Philip Hambi, Colourist / Edwin Elkington, Colour Producer / Tom Pugh, Senior Sound Designer / Simon Brown, Composer / Craig Reeves, Online/VFX / Dan Jones, Post Producer


Watch the film below:

The promo tells the story of each fighter’s preparations, both in their homelands and then Jeddah. Its conclusion is set in the city’s Al-Balad district located in its historic old town and features both fighters coming face-to-face with over 300 local men and women looking on.

The film has been produced by Whisper’s branded entertainment team for Skill Challenge Entertainment and was shot over several locations in the UK and Jeddah.

- Whisper Films