Below the Surface

For Maker, Pickled was was enlisted to post-produce this immersive experience for pharmaceutical professionals.


Behind the Scenes Film below, by Maker


8k Deep

Pickled played a key technical and creative role in delivering content that displayed on seven 90-inch monitors, assembled together as part of an immersive experience.

The film was shot with a Red Helium camera at 8K resolution. This allowed the entire image to divide into 6 HD frames and sit within the main conference array. Whilst shooting the content, it was important to understand the resolution and the physical bezel dimensions of the screen array.

Devising an accurate template enabled director Carl Prechezer and the creative teams the ability to line up the camera accurately and visualise how each section of the plate would split across each screen.

Maker Projects - Havas Lynx - Below the Surface
Maker Projects - Havas Lynx - Below the Surface

Post Production

Pickled facilitated the offline edit, working with Maker’s Luke Toyne and agency team. Autodesk Flame was used to conform the finished edit. The Pickled suite handled the 8k resolution perfectly and exported ready for grade in Davinci Resolve.

Colourist Martin Southworth took the helm at a satellite grading session setup in London, attended by the agency and Maker teams.

Beauty work was undertaken within Flame. Delivery saw testing stages, working with the agency to export and test the final film’s look upon the final screen array.

Project Information

  • Production: Maker
  • Directed: Carl Prechezer
  • Producer: Luke Toyne
  • Post Producer: Danny Jones
  • Colourist: Martin Southworth
  • Online & VFX: Craig Reeves
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