Star Alliance – Stories

Another Pickled delivery for the fantastic Armoury London and Atomic London‘s Digital Story film for Star Alliance.


Connecting with Star Alliance

Another great film, shot on location at the UK’s Heathrow Airport, by Armoury London.

As with many locations, having control of the environment in a relatively small amount of time can be tough and shooting in the UK’s busiest airport is no exception. This provided Pickled the task of replacing signs and removing brands from shots that couldn’t have been replaced whilst on-set without a lot of disruption to time and the environment.

The story introduces us to a young girl whom on her travels uses glow sticks and the suspension of disbelief to magically commute through the airport. The Aeroplane that taxi’d into the stand uses a tug, rather than the traditional high-vis clad guide. We took to Autodesk’s Flame to replace the planes undercarriage and rebuild the landing gear. With some carefully crafted brand removal and addition of our ground crew member and the shot was complete (see below movie).



Star Alliance Pickled Armoury post production atomic London

Project Information

  • Delivery: Social Media
  • Agency: Atomic
  • Production: Armoury London
  • Post Producer: Danny Jones
  • Online & VFX: Craig Reeves
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